Blonde Foundation Females

RHEO 3132C
RHEO Cheyenne 3132C

Cheyenne is the first animal of our Breeding Program and the one that put us on the map in the Blonde Breed. She was shown as a yearling in 1994 (Junior Yearling Champion) and as a 2 Year old pair in 1995 (Senior Cow Champion) and again in 1999, where she was selected as Grand Champion Blonde d'Aquitaine Female at the National Show in Brandon, Manitoba.

Cheyenne has the honour of being the First National Champion Female born and raised in Ontario!


You may remember this picture as a winning entry in the Newsletter Picture Contest.

These Females are special to our herd as both have sons walking our pasture this year!

DRM 08N on the left and RHEO 313N on the right)

JA 2133B
Liahna Blessed 2133B

Another female that was part of our show string in the late 90's. We halter broke her as a 6 Year Old cow. Her 1998 bull calf at side at the Royal weighed 1150 lb. We have referred to her as being "blessed" with milk. RHEO 913J travels our pastures at 15 Years old.


Fawn was purchased at the 1997 National Show & Sale where she was the Yearling Heifer Champion. She raises thick calves that grow well. Fawn typically raised the heaviest calves at weaning time. RHEO 650S is a favourite in the herd today.

JC 460G
Triple C Sunny

Triple C Sunny, 460G, was the "high selling Female" from the Triple C dispersal. As a calf, she had a weaning index of 102 and a yearling index of 107. A daughter, RHEO 345N (sired by Ladies Man) still resides in the herd. Another daughter, RHEO 460S has raised many calves for Van Bakel Blondes.

Maple Brook Zulu 17Z

Zulu was selected from the Hanover Dispersal because of her solid EPD's. Her 2000 Bull calf was declared the "Ultimate Blonde Bull" in a competition held by the Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association. We flushed Zulu for export to New Zealand, where 7 of her calves now reside! She lived to be 20 Years old. A daughter, RHEO 222M resides in Bruce & Catherine Langstaff's herd. Another daughter, RHEO 670S walks our pasture.

RHEO Jitterbug 913J

RHEO 913J is the animal we sold 1/2 interest to Larry Dedrick (Delhi) at our "Production Sale in 2000". She is a daughter of Liahna Blessed and Maple Valley Earl. Her fertility is amazing as she has had 3 calves before her third birthday (Apr. 27). Jitterbug is still in our herd in 2014! A daughter, RHEO 91W walks our pasture with her sisters RHEO 213Z and RHEO 310A.

WRB Roseneath 2OH

A '98 born female that Sharon selected from the Roseneath Dispersal, thus her name, Sharon's Sweet Harmony. A daughter, RHEO 92W can be found in the herd.

Roseneath Caroline 58C

A performance female that we purchased with Andy McKay of Thunder Creek Blondes at the time of the Roseneath Dispersal. Many sons during the 90's were performance toppers for the Braithwaite's. A daughter, Little Lucy Twin has produced well for Bill Van Bakel. A son, BEEF 58X, walked a pasture this summer.

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